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Top 5 Sony PS4 Problems and Fixes

Guys, this time we are going to show you the Top 5 Sony PS4  problems and its fixes. According to the reports, Sony’s play station 4 went on selling to its peak in US. Most gamers with more interest are really enjoying the fastest growing  gaming console. But these days many voices get roared in the world of internet saying that they are facing some PS4 problems. Most of you couldn’t satisfy with some articles that has written for solving the problems. They couldn’t  even get a good and supporting reply from the company. After some research and studies we have gathered the top 5 important PS4 problems and their fixes as well. So below are those PS4 problems and their fixes, have a look and rectify your problems..

Sony PS4 Problems and Fixes

#1. Hard drive incompatibility issues

This is one of the  main problems facing by the PS4 users. It has previously declared that there is no external hard disk but along with this declaration we could also hear that the hard disk comes with the play station 4 can be replaced with another external one. But many users are facing the Hard drive incompatibility issues as the device shows error with the unsupported external storage while updating file after the replacement of original 500 GB storage hard disk.

If you are facing this problem only you have to do a simple thing. Replace the external hard disk and change the situation of your PS4 as early as possible when you have bought it. And if you are wishing to use the PS4 by replacing original hard disk ,you can move along with that.

#2. Pulsating/Blinking Blue Light

This is an another major problem facing by the users and this issue is also displayed in the forums of  the official sites of the Playstation. Blinking blue light has some reasons .It is due to lack of audio and video output,power is not enough, for solving these problems you have to do the following things:

    1. Troubleshoot the capability of your television.
    2. Troubleshoot hard disk of your PS4
    3. Troubleshoot for power supply

#3. Disk Ejection problems

This problem is mostly reported in the forums of playstation, according to the reports some of them are facing the same problem. The disk gets inserted to the drive gets stuck inside. On other reports some are facing that the ejection process is going even there is no disk inside it.
For this we are giving the solution you have to follow. Many of the gamers are reported in the forum as they are facing these problems when the ps4 is at horizontal position, so placing the device vertically helps to avoid the problem. Even after this solution you are not satisfied, you can pull and eject manually after unplugging and power of the ps4.

#4. Red light of Death

After the blinking blue light issue, red light issues are also reported in the forums of playstation. This problem is due to overheating of the device. The reason for this overheating may be due to the fan which is not working. Otherwise it is due to the problem with BIOS. For this follow some solutions given below:

  • Place your ps4 at a place where abundant air flow.
  • Turn off your PS4 when the red light glows.
  • Make a repair of your device by sending to PS4 service center when the fan is not working properly, also make sure the BIOS hasn’t any problem at all

#5. PS4 Network Connectivity problems

It was early declared a smooth network access in PS4 for downloading firmware and other useful softwares. But in the early selling periods lots and lots of gamers get entered and failed to get started. According to new reports, the company launched solution for it and the problem will solve within few days,and you have to wait for a smooth network access in your PS4.

If you face other than the above mentioned problems please inform us and request for a fix. We will provide the same asap !


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Vishnu Mohan is a Tech-Enthusiast and a part time Blogger from India. He is a web developer, Search Engine Optimizer and a cool young guy who loves to explore the world of post modern technologies. Google+

About Vishnu Mohan

Vishnu Mohan is a Tech-Enthusiast and a part time Blogger from India. He is a web developer, Search Engine Optimizer and a cool young guy who loves to explore the world of post modern technologies. Google+
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